Poochie Project Protecting Animals Around The World

pet collie dog photo

Photo by haroldmeerveld

Although the vast majority of dog, cat and other pet owner’s love their animal friend, some people do not. It is these idiots that do not treat an animal right that let the rest of us down, and give all pet owner’s a bad name. The best way of taking action against these people is not to say anything to them, but to collect evidence of any abuse, and then pass it on to the police or a local animal charity. Then follow it up until something is done about it. By caring for other people’s animals as well as our own, we can make the world a better place for them.

Most folk will keep a dog, as they are man’s best friend, and if you give them a lot of love, it will be reciprocated with interest. Of course, having a dog and caring for it is important. This means ensuring that it is always healthy. Giving the dog a weekly medical check, such as feeling for lumps, and checking for changing behavior, can help you to become aware of a problem long before it gets worse. This also helps to save money on vet fees. These medical checks should also be done on any pet.

Here at the Poochie Project, we offer free advice on how to care and treat animals, as well as news on various animal subjects. Vet fees are very expensive these days, so when it comes to dogs and cats, the best thing to do is ensure that you have full insurance cover. For those with other animals, like guinea pigs and rabbits, some companies do offer cover, but it can be expensive. In this case, find a broker to insure all the animals in a group, rather than as separate animals.

All pets are treated differently around the world, and what may be an acceptable treatment for one pet owner, may be abuse to another. I see this quite often when I travel to countries in Asia. I see a lot of dogs either caged up, or tied to a tree, for the whole of their lives. These animals are never taken for a walk, and live their life in misery. The good news is that this treatment is based on history, and the younger generation now sees that it is wrong. The animal rights movement is growing around the world, thanks to this sea of change.

One other thing that is a problem is pet stores. They sell animals for profit, and usually have no idea what the owner’s home is like, their financial position, and whether or not they have experience with animals. I always advise people to stay away from pet shops, and use a charity for an adoption. This means you are helping to save an animal that started life with problems. It makes you feel better having helped, and the animal will thank you for the rest of its life.